Agile Quality Assurance Lead (ENG-NL)(#222)

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This is an new role, we feel this is a very important role in our whole process and now there is no single person responsible for this: we need a good experienced leader on this role. Someone who has done testing for some time, willing to learn still, willing to teach more even so.

Are you this person? experienced in software quality assurance? international teams, long term vision, long term effort; short terms solutions and practices that leads to long term effects?


  • Agile quality assurance lead;
  • testing automation ;
  • testing ops;
  • agile quality assurance leader
  • lead evangelizing devs and PO's to agile;
  • vision on quality of development;
  • quality leads to testability by design;
  • automated test afterwards,
  • SAFe

This is a new role; there is no one doing this yet in our company, are you the leader who can do the work and show why its important and lead us towards quality?