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we need a Scrum Master (5 years plus) (mag NL zijn)

As a Scrum Master you will be a serving leader and coach for Agile Teams. You will help (re)educate the team in Scrum and other agile frameworks (think of SAFe) and practices, ensuring the success of Agile within the company. You will also assist remove impediments and foster an environment for high-performing team dynamics, continuous flow, and continuous improvement.

The Scrum Master facilitates all Scrum practices and assists team members (both Developers and Product Owners) to deliver their tasks, thus guaranteeing the success of Scrum. You will also guide the company as a whole to understand which of their interactions with the Scrum Team are helpful and which are not. You will then help everyone change these interactions to maximize the impact of the Scrum Teams.

The Scrum Master is, above all, an Agile evangelizer and will be responsible for the development of an Agile mindset within (and beyond) the Development teams and ultimately responsible for the success of scrum in the company.


- Full professional proficiency in English;
- Scrum Master Certification;
- Knowledge of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) (Certification is a plus);
- 5 years experience as Scrum Master;
- Previous experience coaching agile;
- Experience in agile adoption;
- Excellent communication and mentoring skills with positive energy;
- Effective problem solver;
- Experience being on scrum teams in a variety of different contexts (different team sizes, different organizations, different cultures, co-located vs.
distributed, etc.);
- Knowledge and/or experience with widely successful Agile techniques (eg. user stories, Agile games, agile estimation, burn down techniques, retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc);
- Good organizational and analytical skills;
- Team player and communicative;
- Transparent;


- As a Scrum Master you are responsible for the Scrum process and agile culture.
- Serve and support the product owners, architects and development teams in their quest to deliver value using Agile.
- Guide the teams and the company towards an agile mindset and behaviour

- You will collaborate to advance the company’s organization and processes.
- Guide and coach the scrum teams and the overall organization on how to use Agile/scrum practices and adopt behaviors to delight our users with a great platform.
- Guide and coach both the scrum teams and inter-related teams on how to get the most out of self-organization.
- Facilitate applicable scrum ceremonies, specifically planning meetings, daily stand-ups and retrospectives.
- Remove impediments and empower team members to resolve technical conflicts.
- Build a trusting and safe environment where problems are seen as opportunities to improve and not a bad thing.
- Facilitating discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution.
- Assisting with internal and external communication, improving transparancy, and broadcasting information.
- Set up and make the Production metrics available to everyone in the organization.
- Support the product owners, especially with respect to refining (aka grooming) and managing the product backlogs.
- Assess the scrum maturity of the teams and organization and coach the teams to higher levels of maturity at a pace that is both sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization.
- Helping to coordinate inter-team cooperation and helping the team operate well on the Release Goals.
- Assist the company scaling agile, based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).